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Fixies are a part of a quick growing cult and they’re in demand! As a result, the market has become flooded with cheap production fixies from China. The price is tempting but the quality of these bikes leaves much to be desired. If you want a good quality fixie you should, of course, purchase a reputable brand, however these bikes are naturally more expensive and are not suitable for ‘everyday’ use.

Affordable quality
365bicyles offers an alternative. A fixie with a comparable quality to A-brands, but with a low price – from just 439 Euros.

Made in Taiwan
365Bicycles works closely with RH+O, a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer, that designs and builds innovative fixie frames all year round. Furthermore, 365Bicycles only uses top-quality materials such as CrMo steel and aluminium (alloy).

Handmade design
Our fixies don’t come off a standard production line. They are made by hand, piece by piece. Every bike is subject to an extensive quality test before it is delivered. The years of design experience within 365Bicycles ensures that the aesthical nature of every fixie meets the highest possible expectations

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